Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Which Witch is Which? Ms. O'Donnell???

The latest in the unravelling yarn of Deleware senator want-to-be, Christine O'Donnell, is her commercial (below) where she declares, "I am not a witch.. . .  I'm You."

Let me get this straight.  She's not a witch.  She's me?  I'm her?  It begs the same old question: "Which witch is which?"

Are you shaking your head in disbelief yet? Or are you busy reassuring your six-year old that there is no such things as witches.  Wait until next week when, courtesy to the mad woman of Delaware, you could find yourself having to explain masturbation to little kids who have (and should not necessarily have) any ideas of what you're talking about.

Which brings us back to Ms. O'Donnell.  Her whacked-out views on everything from sex (anti-gay, anti-choice and anti-masturbation), to stem cell research (Scientists have made mice, she claims "with fully functioning human brains.")

What can we expect next as Ms. O'Donnell plays defence to the clearly cracked things she said on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect." Maher has kept good on his promise to release a new O'Donell clip every week, until Ms. O'Donnell agrees to a reprise appearance on his new show, "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Ms. O'Donnell agree to appear! You are slowly dying politically from the death of a thousand quips.

Ms. O'Donnell, in the latest release by Bill Maher, says that besides dabbling in witchcraft, she also dabbled in Buddhism, and even the Hare Krishna movement before adopting a strict, and it seems particularly exclusive, brand of Christianity.  "I couldn't join the Hare Krishna," Ms. O'Donnell proclaimed. "They are vegetarians, and as an Italian American, I like my meatballs."

Apparently Ms. O'Donnell obviously didn't dabble very deeply in so-called alternative religions, or she would have known there is a Buddhist stricture favoring vegetarianism. The first of five buddhist tenets (close in substance to the evils addressed in the Mosaic code) advise adherents to embrace vegetariaism in order to refrain from killing (including all sentient beings, all though the question of whether this stricuture applies to mutant mice with fully functioning human brains is not clear).  The other four tenets are to refrain from taking what is not yours, (itself,,perhaps, an impediment to higher office); to refrain from harsh or harmful speech, (another natural bar to politics it would seem); to refrain from sexual impropriety (where, perhaps Ms. O'Donnell gained her loathing of self pleasuring); and to refrain from taking mind-altering intoxicants.

One has to wonder what intoxicants Ms. O'Donnell is taking, or has taken, as she certainly is drunken with a lust (dare I say it) to be seen as a real, grownup, serious adlt politician.

Personally, I'm waiting for O'Donnell's spin campaign ad to show that she is not as whacked out on sexual issues as her anti-masturbation views imply..  I can just vision it.  Straightforwad and smiling, Ms. O'Donnell smiles her perky smile into the bedrooms of America declaring, "I'm not against masturbation. In fact,  I'm You."

Of course, that will only happen if poles (er, polls) all across Delaware show continuing signs of softening.  Clearly, if this happens, Ms. O'Donnell, will have at least enjoyed, one presumes, her two minutes of fame, or infamy.

I'm shaking my head over this clearly dysfunctional politician, although others may describe it as banging my head against the wall.  If only I could become truly dim in this manner, I, too, would seem to be fit for higher office.

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