Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Nation Outs Former CNN Host: Lou Dobbs American Hypocrite

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hoist the pompous ass, Lou Dobbs, on his own pitard! The former CNN blowhard famous for ranting against our broken borders, illegal workers, and the employers that employ illegals stands accused in the court of public opinion of hiring illegal workers . . . not to nanny his little ones, or clean his home.  Lou Dobbs reportedly hired illegal aliens to look after his prize equistrian horses and hired a landscaping company to work on his Florida mansion.
The news of Dobb's blatant hypocrisy was first brought to light in an expose written for The Nation magazine.

Lou claims no knowledge of illegal workers working on his Florida and Connecticut estates . But seriously . . .  Lou looks out his front window and sees a bunch of hispanic mexican and guatemalan grooming the grounds of his very lush estate, or cleaning the barns for his prized horses, and he never asked himself if all these workers were here legally in the U.S.

Poor Lou called himself a victim of the left wing media (ha ha ha!). He didn't directly, or indirectly, ever employ an illegal worker. I didn't know, how could I know seemed to be the jist of his lame defence on his appearnce on "The Final Say with Dan O'Neil" on MSNBC.

I shake my head, I blow razzberries at the talking heads, and  I laugh at the arrogance of such a phony, self-righteous, and self promoting hypocrite.  He should have been in his own stable shovelling out the manure, instead of  foisting it out so shamelessly on a news audience that looked up to this schmuck.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Lou Dobbs. Methinks thou protests too much, Lou!

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