Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seriously? "The Donald" for President? Eeyikes!!!

Donald Trump for President??? Seriously? Surely we are all living in cloud-cuckoo-land.

Talk about dysfunctional politics.  Is this the death knell of all commonsense in the political discourse? What about the practicalities of a "Trump for President" campaign? How would "The Donald" select a vice-presidential candidate?  Are we to see the ultimate reality show? I can just see the V.P. being selected "Apprentice" style by voter call-ins. "Text 8667 for Sarah Palin, or 8668 for Justin Bieber."

(Of course, that may be a better method than the vetting process used by John McCain in the last presidential sweepstakes.  The old codger was willing to put anyone a heartbeat away from the presidency, if only he could win the ultimate political prize.  Unsurprising blind ambition, from a washout of a well-connected Naval Academy midshipman desperately trying to live up to the legacy of a father and grandfather who were both Navy Admirals.)

Reuters reports that Trump, declaring himself a Republican, dipped his toe into the wacky world of GOP politics in a whirlwind of Sunday morning interviews.  "For the first time in my life," he told Fox News, "I'm actually thinking about it (running for president)."  Lord, help us all!

Yeah, right . . . The ego-maniacal Trump just woke up one day last week and thought, "Hey! I could do that." Yet, again, with the current slate of potential GOP candidates, why not? At least "The Donald" doesn't claim to be able to see Russia from the top of Trump Towers. Yet, Trump also apparently left open the option that he would run as a Tea Party candidate.  Talk about a grassroots movement. . . .

Reuters describes the thrice-married real estate mogul (and reality TV star) as "a larger-than-life figure in the United States, whose company operates a string of resorts and casinos."

What the heck, with Republicans, Democrats and the financial gurus of the Obama administration all handling the casino-operators at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan etc., with kid gloves, why not elect a president with experience running a casino?

I can only shake my head, and stifle an expression somewhere between mirthful laughter and a groan.

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