Friday, September 24, 2010

Politicians Work Out Bipartisan Differences . . . With Fisticuffs

As promised, here are my three favorite videos of dysfunctional politicians working out their differences in a bipartisan fashion - complete with fisticuffs, hair-pulling, what looks like an eye-gouge, and a shoe-throwing incident. . . . Not that shoe-throwing incident . . . but I do include George W. Shrub's finest moment as POTUS as bonus footage.

Third Place - Politicos in India take it to the house - or the floor of their House - arming themselves with microphones as spear and club in a bi-partisan effort to work out their differences.

The kicker to that one is: They were debating 'Civil Rights' for Pete's sake!!!

So much for civil discourse. . .

Second Place - Heavyweight politicos in the Ukraine utilize the bully pulpit . . . . literally.

Fisticuffs, hair-pulling and I thought I saw an eye gouge in that bipartisan brouhaha. . . . And fade to Windows. . . But the gold medal goes to the following:

First Place - Mayhem in Taiwan's House of Congress is sparked by a shoe-throwing incident reminiscent of W.'s chuck-and-duck moment in Iraq.  I admit, I thought shoe-throwing was a sign of disrespect in the Middle East, not the Far East. (???) Oh well, a nice shot that earns two thumbs-up and a nod of approval.

BONUS CLIP - Here's Dubya in his finest moment of jocularity (or jock-ularity). At least he looked like an athlete in the infamous shoe-chucking incident that got the reporter six months in Abu Ghrab (or some other Iraqi hoosegow).

Ya' gotta miss the big, dysfunctional lug!

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